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ALEO Contributor Badge — How to Get Started

To claim Aleo Contributor Badge you ought to have create an App using Leo Language. The approach is more easy with the recent official tutorial by Aleo.

There are 2 Badges to be claimed — Tutorial and Content

For the Tutorial — You will create an application recommend and guided by Aleo. Examples : Tictac toe Game, Hello Aleo and few others.

For the Content — This is for creating special Application on Aleo ( Unique Apps)

For this article, we will be creating a Tutorial App preferably TicTacToe. Other Apps takes the same process.

You can do this on your Personal Computer or Private servers. All you need is to install the basic prerequisites.

1. Prerequisites

For Windows

Install Rust Here

Install GIT

Install Visual Studio

For VPS ( Linux)

Open your Terminal

Let’s Begin

Install And Update Git

Input code one by one

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

sudo apt-get install git-all

Press Y then Paste

sudo apt-get install curl

Rust Installation

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Press 1 to continue installation

2. Now We will be installing Leo

Paste this

git clone

Then create a directory

cd leo

Paste this command to install Leo directly

cargo install --path .

Installation might take a while. Pls, be patient.

However if you are experiencing this error >>> Linker CC not found

Some prerequisites are missing

Use this command

sudo apt install build-essential

Sometimes you might need to install Libclang-dev. Use the following command.

sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get install -y libclang-dev

However, Incase you are experiencing this error afterwards. You need to install the development packages of OpenSSL. `OPENSSL_DIR`

Use this command

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

This should solve the errors

Then Install Leo again

cargo install --path .

Try using the Leo help command to confirm

leo help

If the output is perfect then Leo is installed successfully.

3. Importing Wallet

It’s best you use your Testnet Wallet. So I assumed you already have a Leo Wallet already. So, Copy your wallet Private Key.

Replace “YOUR_Private_Key” in the command with your wallet Private key

leo account import "YOUR_Private_Key"

It will display your View keys for confirmation.

If you don’t have a wallet before then follow this command.

leo account new

4. Building With Leo

We will be building the TicTacToe Program recommended by Aleo.

Use this command

leo example tictactoe

Create Directory

cd tictactoe

Run Leo

leo run new

This command automatically run the program

5. Push Your App to GitHub

Still in the TicTacToe Directory.

Initialize Git Repository

Paste this command

git init -b main

git add .

Commit your GitHub Email

In the next command, replace “Your-Email” with your GitHub Email Address

git config --global "Your-Email"

Paste this command

git commit -m "First commit"

6. Create GitHub Repository

To create Repository

Login to your GitHub Account

Create repository — Ensure you use a name related to what you are building.

Copy the Link to your newly created for the next command

git branch -m main

git remote add origin "Your-Repsitory-Link"

git remote -v

git push -u origin main

After executing this commands.

You will be asked to input your GitHub Username and Personal Access token which will display as Password in this case.

7. To get your Personal Access Token

Visit this link to create a personal access token on GitHub.


Ensure you keep this token secure and do not share it.

Now In your teminal Enter your GitHub Username and paste your Token as your Password then press


Congratulations 🎉 on this breakthrough

8. Claim Your Badge

Go to :

Create Issues then Click on Contributor Badge

Follow the prompt there by submitted your Repository link and others then Submit issue

Once Approved, You will be added as a contributor.

Thank you for being part of the Aleo Journey.

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