Alpha : Join BEVM Global Builders — Confirmed Incentives for Participants

Watchman Zēk
3 min readMay 18, 2024

BEVM has a valuation of $200 Million from huge investors. They have launched various campaign in the past. However, this is quite different and reward is very precised.

BEVM Offers 3% Token Incentives to Global Builders. What’s interesting ?

The recent anouncement of BEVM DAO as a global community of BEVM co-builders is a bullish news and taking this opportunity might be a great movement. A total of 3% of supply is onjected to the DAO to incentivized global builders.

Well ! I love this initiative !

The program can also help incentivized the true community users and genuine builders as well insted of giving a huge portion to whales and bots. Contributions like this can be so hard to be manipulated by bots.

A quote from BEVM — “These valuable community contributions have long been overlooked and deserve recognition, hence, the BEVM DAO was born”

How to Participate in BEVM DAO

BEVM DAO has been lauched on Zealy. You can easily find your suited task and expertise on zealy. Ensure you explore it well.

Link :

Proceed and connect your wallet. If you are new to zealy, you might be asked to create your account, Kindly follow the easy instructions. Afterwards, join BEVM and begin available tasks.

Ensure completing the Onboarding tasks

There are lots of tasks that can fit your expertise,

If you are a content creator, congratulations! You can become a BEVM Builder by creating BEVM-related articles.

If you are a video creator, congratulations! You can earn BEVM token rewards by creating BEVM-related videos.

If you excel at organizing online AMAs or offline meetups, you can also receive corresponding token rewards.

If you can help BEVM’s tweets gain widespread traction, you can also earn rewards!

If you don’t fit any of the above but are a community member passionate about learning BEVM, you can earn BEVM token incentives by attending events.

Exploring BEVM to its maxium usecases and contributing to the growth of the DAO is essential. I hope this article is helpful to you.

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