Avail Last Challenge is Live — Mainnet soon.

Watchman Zēk
2 min readApr 4, 2024

We have previously been following all avail network Testnet challenges. This phase is the last phase of Avail Testnet and it is quite straight forward.

More so, this challenge doesn’t include the Goldberg challenge or leaderboard , it is a completely different phase. This challenge will run for a week from 2nd of April to 9th of April.

How to get started.

You need to create a subwallet. You can install subwallet extension here. Afterwards, create a wallet.

If you have previously created an identity on Goldberg Testnet, you can import your wallet phrase or JSON file into subwallet.

You will also need Avail Testnet faucet to mint your completion NFT. You will need to verify your access to discord faucet by having upto 20 Gitcoin score. Alternatively, you can access through this faucet if possible : https://faucet.avail.tools/

You will need a VPS or a local machine if you can operate with your PC. This enables you to run your light client through your terminal.

Lastly, your social accounts are needed such as Twitter, Discord and Telegram

Getting Started

Proceed to : https://lightclient.availproject.org/

Connect your Twitter, Discord and Telegram then complete all social tasks.

Running a light node and getting your public key

After having access to your terminal run this commands one after the other.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

sudo apt install curl

curl --version
screen -S avail
curl -sL1 avail.sh | bash

After running the last code, your light node begins to run.

Copy your details which includes the Public key.

Now go back to the challenge dashboard. Click on the light client task and paste your public key.

I assume you have completed all the social task. Now you can have your complete 450 points and also claim your Completion NFT.

That’s is the whole details you need to participate in the light client challenge. Act fast and claim your NFT.

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