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2 min readNov 17, 2023


Confirmed Airdrop — How To Qualify For Inspect XYZ Airdrop

Don’t miss this airdrop. This might play out just like Arkham. TGE will happen very soon (Q4 2023) and team has confirmed token to be $INSP.

A Project with great utilities, It can analyse NFT holdings and variois function through social Interaction. This project was Invested by VCs and Investors.

However, Do this before Snapshot. Here is how to get started

Inspect announced the Airdrop to happen soon. Since it’s free let’s give it a shot. You are required to complete all Zealy Tasks

Link : Zealy Quest

More XP = More Tokens

Connect your Socials and Wallet to Zealy if necessary.

Verify Your Wallet on Inspect:

I will advise you do the #Inspect Extension task first

Download the Extension
Open the connect your Twitter to activate

On the Top Right Select Verify Wallet

Connect Your Metamask Address

Sign Message

Do all necessary Zealy Task

Incase you are finding it hard to vote a project

Go to @apecoin Twitter handle after you have activated the Inspect Extension

Click on Inspect then Vote

More so, Ensure you Verify and Sign your wallet. You can check the "Verified Wallet’' to confirm.

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