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Watchman Zēk
3 min readJun 4, 2024


Switchboard is building a permissionless oracle network that seamlessly connects dapps to real-world data.

With the recent raised from Investors, Switchboard is building a unique Blockchain Oracle with Unique features. They raised upto $7.5 Million from Solana Foundation, Mysten Labs and other Huge Investors.

Switchboard released a system to reward their ecosystem contributors and supporters called The Switchbord Orbs.

This Orb can be earned in divers ways either being a User, Contributor or Developer. This is a great opportunity to be part of Switchboard future.

Earning Switchboard Orbs is an integral part of future reward from Switchboard. There are various ways to earn Orbs which i will be exploring in this articles. Let’s Explore :

Interacting With Switchboard Ecosystems

Switchboard Orbs can be earned by interacting with prtocol pools secured by Switchboard. Protocols secured by switchboard includes MarginFi, Kamino and few other protocols.

By using this pools or supplying liquidity, you can easily earn Orbs.

Ecosystem includes Mango Market, Kamino, MarginFi, Drift Protocol, Symmetry, All Domain, Hubble Protocol, Goose FX, SoLend, RainFi and lots more

Completing Quest and Claiming Discord Roles

This is another effective way to earn Orbs, by completing few quest or challenges through discord , you can easily earn orbs and discord roles as well which might be very useful in the future

Switchboard Contributors

This includes Engagement Campaign, Community Contribution and Dev Initiatives

Engagement Campaigns may include periodic quests organize by switchboard such as Writing Bounties, UgC competition and other similar activities

Community Contributions includes those who give quality feedbacks, help other community members on discord or any other related platforms, Creating Guides and Walkthroughs, creating Valuable Memes, Active on Discord and other valuable contributions. There are various contributions that can be very useful and effective.

Dev Initiatives includes rewarding developers who are adding value to the Switchboard ecosystem such as Building using Switchboard Price feeds, Vreating technical tutorials, Helping in the community, Helpful collaborations and other Developers activities.

More importantly, ensure joining the Switchboard Discord Channel

Add value to help out your fellow community members and boost your Orbs stack.

You can always check if your wallet is eligible for Orbs here :

Most especially if you have interacted with this protocols.

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