Cookie3 Airdrop is In Three Days — Do this now

Watchman Zēk
2 min readJun 10, 2024


Cookie3 is invested by Aminoca brand, Spartan group and other investors. Cookie will be lunching in 3 days with their airdrop to be conclude very soon. The COOKIE token is key to the Cookie3 ecosystem. It finds utility in all parts of Cookie3, locking value from all products and platforms and redistributing it as rewards to the stakers.

Moreso, there are divers ways you can earn points for possible airdrop from cookie3.

This includes ecosystem patnership which includes Redstone and other popular protocols. If you have interacted with htis protocols, you collect points for that.

Join Airdrop Here : CLICK HERE

Futhermore, attending to the various quest available on Cookie3. Onboarding quests, Social quests and timed sensitive quests.

On the cookie dashboard, Navigate to Bakery Page and begin all quest as soon as possible

To earn your ecosystem points, procedd to the Ecosystem page and claim your

Also Mint cookie3 badge to earn more airdrop bonus :

You can also explore the Bybit Campaign and earn more COOKIES

That will be all for now. Find it helpful ? Follow for more cookies



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