Deadline is Aug 25th — opBNB Early Genesis NFT Reward

THE ODYSSEY FROM TESTNET TO MAINNET by opBNB a project by Binance has announced distribution of Genesis NFT and a share of $50000.

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2 min readAug 23

Before proceeding here is what you need to know about Genesis NFT

When the opBNB mainnet is launched, BNB Chain will issue Genesis NFTs, which can be used as the VIP identity certificate of this user when opBNB is running, and can enjoy VIP benefits and services.

Owning this NFT means becoming a core user of opBNB and having a distinguished VIP status, including but not limited to the following benefits.

Participate in all activities held by BNB Chain without threshold.

Priority participation in airdrop programs from partners.

Priority access to whitelist slots from partners.

Priority access to BNB Chain’s SWAG.

Having the Genesis NFT might be the criterial for future Airdrops. Nevertheless, you can choose to compete for the Odyssey which ends on Aug 25th, only the top 100 will win a share of the $50000. However, Do the one you can to increase your point and ensure you complete the Galxe task for Genesis NFT.

Note that to check your point, you need to connect only Trust wallet. Therefore, Import your metamask or any other custodial wallet to Trust wallet.

Details here :

Complete guide to testnet tasks :

To qualify for the Genesis NFT. You only need to complete this 3 task on Galxe and claim your 300 points in just 1 minute.

Go to :

Connect your wallet

Complete task by joining Telegram community, Twitter follow and retweet.

Claim your point

Ensure you do this task before Aug 25th 2023. Doing the some of the testnet task before the deadline is also necessary.

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