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Deploying Contract on Eclipse Devnet

Eclipse is a Modular Blockhain utilizing the SVM on Ethereum.

This article refers to deploying smart contract in Eclipse using Linux. This can be done on windows as well.

Ensure Git and Rust is installed

Install Prerequisites

Install Rust

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Check if installation was successful

rustc --version
cargo --version

We will be installing Node.Js prior.

Install Solana CLI

sh -c "$(curl -sSfL"

Wait for few seconds

Set CLI to eclipse Devnet

solana config set --url
solana-keygen new

After pasting second command you will be prompted to add some security measures. Afterwards copy your Public address and seed phrases somewhere ( Important)

Claim Devnet tokens

solana config set --url
solana airdrop 10

Contract Deployment

Paste this code


If the Solana Cluster is running perfectly then we are good to go.

You can close the command to continue.

Cloning Hello World Repo

git clone
cd example-helloworld
npm install

Press enter to continue the next command

Incase you get this errors

Paste this commands

npm audit fix
npm audi fix --force

Building the smart contract

npm run build:program-rust

Deploy Smart contract on Eclipse Devnet

solana program deploy dist/program/

It will generate a Program ID. Therefore, our contract is being deployed.

We can run the JavaScript client and confirm whether the smart contract was deployed successfully:
We can run the JavaScript client and confirm whether the smart contract was deployed successfully:

npm run start

If you get a Successful output then you are good. Copy your contract details including your Program ID somewhere safe.

Output should look like this

Let's say hello to a Solana account...
Connection to cluster established: { 'feature-set': 2045430982, 'solana-core': '1.7.8' }
Using account AiT1QgeYaK86Lf9kudqKthQPCWwpG8vFA1bAAioBoF4X containing 0.00141872 SOL to pay for fees
Using program Dro9uk45fxMcKWGb1eWALujbTssh6DW8mb4x8x3Eq5h6
Creating account 8MBmHtJvxpKdYhdw6yPpedp6X6y2U9dCpdYaZJdmwV3A to say hello to
Saying hello to 8MBmHtJvxpKdYhdw6yPpedp6X6y2U9dCpdYaZJdmwV3A
8MBmHtJvxpKdYhdw6yPpedp6X6y2U9dCpdYaZJdmwV3A has been greeted 1 times

Fill Deployment Form

Copy your Program Address/ID

Go ahead and fill this form

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