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Dymension Airdrop Confirmed — FroopyLand Testnet

It takes $0 to participate In the Dymension testnet. Since tokenomics is out and has a potential to be one of the best innovation in 2023. It’s bound to perform well.

💰 Cost - $0

⚒️ Effort - Be Active

To qualify for the Dymension testnet Incentives, You need to be a core part of the community. If you have been interacting without securing a role on discord.

You might be doing it all wrong !

Join Dymension Discord channel :

Introduce your self and sooner you will be added to the group

Only 1% of $DYM Token supply will be distributed for this reward.

Total Supply - 1 Billion $DYM

Incentive rewards - 10 Million $DYM

1. Roll Ape 🦧

This is a role required in discord . As a Roll Ape, You interact with Roll Apps that are already deployed and Live. You can use Kepler wallet or Metamask.

Only 1 Million $DYM is allocated for Roll Apes.

Here is how to get started

After successful verification on discord.

Note that — The Roll Ape role might be close at the moment. Might be open later. Keep notified of announcement.

Before then,
Go to :

  • Connect your wallet.
  • Click on the Wallet address at the upper right tab.
  • Copy Address

Go the discord channel then Request test tokens from the Froopyland Faucet.
( $request<Dym address> )

You will be sent 200 $DYM test tokens to you Kepler.

Do same thing for metamask ensure you import same seed Phrase or Private key from Kepler.

Now you can Interact

You now have faucet in both Kepler and Metamask.

Go to Dymension portal

Connect any of your wallet ( Kepler or Metamask).

Choose any roll app - Deposit and withdraw.

Do this with various Roll Apps

However, explore other functions on the Dymension hub - The more you participate, the greater your rewards !

Now, Whenever the Roll Ape role is open. Ensure you do this

Copy your Wallet Address you used to interact

Register on the Rollape Registration channel.

2. Roll App Fam Role

Reward : 4 Million $DYM Allocated

This are Roll App deployers. Though, Anyone can deploy Permissionless Roll App but to be listed on Dymension Hub and earn rewards. You need to get the Roll App Fam Role.

To deploy Roll App requires a bit of expertise and VPS if you can't use your Local Device.

After deploying your Roll App. You are required to share about your Roll App on Discord to get the Role.

You can Learn more about that on discord channel before proceeding.

3. Top 10 Roll App Deployers

1 Million $DYM Allocated

Tier 1: The top 3 RollApps will gets equal share of 200K DYM each.

Tier 2: RollApps ranked 4, 5 and 6 gets an equal share of 100K DYM each.

Tier 3: Each of the last 4 performers gets an equal share of the 25K DYM.

4. Froopyland Validators

Allocations - 4 Million $DYM

This role is no more available. This are node operators that helps validates on Dymension FroopyLand testnet.

In Conclusion, Participate in the Roll Ape if you do not have resources to Deploy a Roll App.

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