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EigenLayer Phase 2 Testnet — How to Participate

EigenLayer just launched their Phase 2 Testnet for Eigen Layer and Eigen DA. Phase 2 Mainnet to happen First Half of 2024.

Eigenlayer Launched their Phase 1 Mainnet this year. The Restaking protocol saw huge number of participants. 170,000 ETH has been restaked on the EigenLayer protocol so far.

With great improvement, Eigen Layer has Introduced Eigen DA and more Restaking opportunities.

The Phase 2 testnet is focused on onboarding Operators to Eigen Layer and Rollup Builders to Eigen DA. EigenDA will be the first service to be actively validated on EigenLayer which means the system relies on restaking and obtains validation through EigenLayer.

This phase enables ;

Operators to register on the network for validating for EigenDA

Restakers to delegate their stake to the Operators

Rollup Developer to integrate with EigenDA


The previous Phase 1 only include Restakers, Now the phase 2 will include "Restake and Delegate".

In this testnet, You'll restake Native Goerli ETH or LSTs, then directly delegate an operator.

Go to :

Connect your wallet

On the dashboard you can find your stake and other important information

Go to the "token" tab to Restake

Go to the "Operators" tab to delegate

You can explore other features


This operator is in two ways

🤺Eigen Layer
🤺Eigen DA

As an Eigen Layer Operator, you can easily register on the network via the Operator CLI. This is permissionless which means anyone can get involved.

Read Requirements Here

Visit Operation CLI

However, As an operator registered to EigenLayer via the Operator CLI, you can also validate for EigenDA but only the top 30 Operators can actively participate in validating for EigenDA through delegate Stake.

So, Keep upto announcements

Join Discord:

RollUp Developers

If you are familiar with Calderaxyz and Dymension Testnet you should find this more easier to understand.

You can now integrate EigenDA as your data availability layer when building a Rollup.

Interested rollups can collaborate with the team and earn various benefits such as strategic partnerships, co-marketing opportunities, and joint research and development.

Get In touch:

Phase 2 Mannet will most likely occur in the First half of 2024.

There's will be Phase 3 Testnet and Mainnet by 2024.

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