Elixir Game — Potential Alpha

Watchman Zēk
4 min readApr 2, 2024

Elixir is building a new era for Gaming backed by Solana foundation and Square Enix popular known for building successful GameFi projects and Web3 games. This is a solid ground for Elixir games.

They recently announce $14 Million raised from potential VCs and Investors.

Elixir already launched their Elixir Games Launchpad which provides a first-of-its-kind ecosystem to incubate new Web3 games in the format of an IGO (Initial Game Offering).

They recently announce the launch of few campaigns and their upcoming Mint. Let’s have a little glance.

Elixir game token Is confirmed with the ticker (ELIX). This will be the native token of Elixir game and Launchpad.

Elixir Season Pass Campaign

The season pass campaign kicked off in March 21, 2024 with 12 video games and hundreds of tasks.

You can explore here : https://store.elixir.games


The elixir Flask minting will be coming up by April 4 2021

Head over to : https://www.premint.xyz/Elixir-games/

Connect your MetaMask wallet ( Ensure you use the wallet you would like to use in participating for IDO if you are planning to do so) and complete the social task

Paste your Solana wallet you would love to whitelist

Then complete registration

Afterwards, you can proceed to https://launchpad.elixir.games/

Join the waitlist for IDO and also navigate to the Free mint tab. As you can see there are few task that might make you eligible for the upcoming free mint including participating in their Galxe task.

To participate in the Galxe task, proceed to : https://galxe.com/C8eJF9FqaBptF9T4o7BY3Y/campaign/GCM5tt44P7

Complete all Galxe task this might be useful a land a future multiplier.

Elixir game main NFT mint will be launching on magic Eden.

IDO Details

Elixir token launch is very close and might happen very soon. At the moment there is only one way to participate in the IDO. Probably, more access will be revealed soon enough.

However, participating in this IDO might bring more benefits in the future because Elixir is building a Game IGO launchpad whereby other game can easily launch their token and this can give you easy access to earn a premium list depending on your tier in Elixir token launch.

To participate in the IDO you need to hold LITT and stake LITT Tokens. The number of $LITT Tokens staked will determine in 1:1 of Elixir tokens you will be eligible to buy.

Follow this link to stake : https://staking.litlabgames.com

Afterwards, proceed to https://www.premint.xyz/Elixir-games/ if you are yet to complete this step. Connect your metamask wallet used for staking LITT and paste your solana wallet, will be useful when claiming your Elixir token.

You stake 5000 LITT Tokens then you will be able to buy 5000 ELIX Tokens on IDO Launch pad. However, it all depends on Tier. I will advise you make more research your self incase of any changes.

Registration for IDO is yet to be announced but you can stake ahead and stay positioned. The IDO price will be 0.05 USDT according to the website.

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