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Evolution of Solana Airdrops — This Protocols on Solana might Reward Bountifully

Solana Airdrops is getting traction as Solana drags with Ethereum in Ecosystem reward. Lots of potential rewards might still happen with few protocols on Solana Ecosystem.

There are lots of protocols on Solana but not all will perform well with Airdrops.

In comparison to few protocols that have recently have a notable airdrop to users. They are all funded by Big players and this is a big factor.

The recent JTO Airdrop was undoubtedly huge. Pyth being a general oracle rewarding various Blockchain users including Solana with high reward.

Similarities >> Both are Sponsored by Multicoin Capital and Delphi Ventures alongside other big players.

Therefore, Here are my top Picks of protocols on Solana with Potential Airdrop

1. Phantom Wallet

Phantom is the most used wallet on Solana Ecosystem and it is completely tokenless.

Phantom is Valuated at $1.2 Billion and raised Upto $100 Million from Paradigm, Jump capital and other investors. Phantom Will definitely be huge than the previous ones.

2. MarginFi

This is one of my biggest bet on Solana. Funded by Multicoin capital and Solana Ventures same Investor as Pyth and JTO.

They will most likely launch their token Q1 2024 due to the present hype. Taking Advantage now will keep you ahead !

3. Zeta market

Funded by Jump capital, Solana Ventures and other Investors might launch Token earlier than expected.

ZetaMarkets has a score earning system going on. You might want to be early

4. Meteora

This Is another Solana protocol with a confirmed airdrop. Token ticker to be $MET. Due to the hype around Solana they might launch soon.

5. Drift Protocol is a cross margin perpetual Protocol on Solana funded by Multicoin capital and other Investors. Due to the Hype, they might launch a token with Airdrop.

You need trading knowledge to use this platform.

However, there are more protocols such as Tensor has high Airdrop Potential being a popular protocol on Solana.

Parcl raised $11m. Being a RWA Platform. Starategy might be quite Technical.

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