Exploring Recent Redstone Oracle And Integrations

Watchman Zēk
3 min readJun 12, 2024


Redstone Oracle is now one of the top Oracles used in DeFi at this moment, with various integrations and Patnership emerging. DeFi indeed need a good provision of Price feeds to enable smooth experience on DeFi protocols.

Redstone provides feeds on different blockchains and asset resectively, with its modular design as well gives protocols the chance to select their best tailored needs.

Well, one of the biggest integration of recent can also be directed to BNB Chain Ecosystem where Redstone provides feeds to various protocols on BNB Chain. Quite interesting.

Interestingly, Many restaking protocols have been using redstone for a while following the recent integration of LRTs on BNB chain is a big milestone. BNB Chain has the fourth largest TVL.

Redstone Oracle provides feeds for assets such as weETH and ezETH on protocols such as Etherfi, Renzo, Venus Protocol, Kinza Finance and Lista Dao.

Ofcourse, there’s more to be explored on various chains and Protocols integrated on Redstone protocols.

Redstone Provides Feeds on Kava Chain

Using the Classic (Pull) model redstone support few assets on Kava ehich includes ETH, BTC and USDT.

It can be said that redstone has been supporting Kava on protcols like Abacradabra (Mim Spell) protocol.

We will be seeing more assets being supported on Kava Chain soon.

Integration With BTC Layer 2

BTC Layer 2 is gaining more traction on Decentralized Finance with different chains coing up such as Merlin chain, Build on BOB, BEVM, Bit Layer and few others.

Redstone already powered few of this Layer 2 in real time. Moving steady, various price feeds for asset like BTC, MBTC, MERL, etc. is being powered by redstone on Merlin Chain, one of the most popular BTC Layer 2.

Merlin Chain is a Bitcoin L2 solution. It incorporates ZK-Rollup technology, a decentralized oracle network, data availability, and on-chain BTC fraud-proof mechanisms. Using the Core and Classic model, Redstone powers major assets on Merlin Chain.

Exploring more on Bitcoin Layer 2 might be a very endless tail. In future threads, i will expand on how BTC Layer 2 such as BSquared Networ, BounceBit, BOB and few others are building on Redstone Oracle.

This are few recent integarations. If your protocol is interested in building on Redstone Oracle as well. Here are the socials below.

Redstone Twitter

Redstone Discord

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