Exploring Subspace Network and Possible Incentives

Watchman Zēk
4 min readMay 6, 2024

Subspace Network is a fourth generation blockchain built for the next wave of crypto creators

Subspace Labs raised more than $35 Million from major investors. This show how investors are very much interested in what subspace is building.

Subspace Labs envisions a world where everyone uses Web3 for online identity & digital payments.

Imagine personal AI agents handling tasks like private key management, identity verification, and payment execution effortlessly

Therefore, Humaic Intelligence (HI) is introduced which is a blend of human & AI, it’s about a universally accessible AI, designed to augment rather than replace our experiences.

Pertaining to community participation, You can explore the farming task need less technical knowledge.

Any consumer-level computer can join Subspace Network and start earning rewards. The node application supports Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems.

4 dedicated CPU cores

8GB of RAM

100GB of hard drive space

This won’t be covered in this article. You can make more research

You can also contribute as an Ambassador :

You can choose an area to contribute, depending on your skills
and the area in which you want to grow

Community: help to build a blossoming community of farmers

Technical: be among the first cohort of farmers and provide feedback

Content: write articles and create videos with our support

Design: сreate NFTs, stickers, visual graphics, and other artwork

Translations: create accurate translations to help increase our reach

Leadership: help set the standards of our community, establishing the way forward for a truly decentralized protocol

Read More : https://subspace-network-ambassadors.notion.site/Subspace-Ambassadors-d85526c94ad3469bbdad7712df81a393

Subspace Galxe Campaign

Campaign consists of different seesions and various tasks

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Q1 — Autonomous


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Quite Straight forward, Complete tasks

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Get ready to explore an exciting world of knowledge and test yourself in this captivating Quiz Campaign!

Each week, new series of unique quizzes await you, helping you to delve even deeper into Subspace!

Series 1 : A B C D

Series 2: B A D B

Series 3: C D B A

Series 4: A C C B

Series 5: B C D A

Series 6: C B A D

Series 7: B, Operators, D, Farmers

Series 8: Ambassadors, B, C, A

Series 9: B, “open, inclusive and community-owned network”, A, Subspace Credits

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