Get A Potential Airdrop from Sanctum and Switchboard

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3 min readMay 11, 2024

Sanctum aims at fueling liquid staking and ushering Solana into an infinite-LST future. Sanctum raised over $6 Million and seems like they might launch a token earlier than expected.

However, Switchboard on the other hand, is an oracle protocol for providing price feeds to DeFi protocols.

In this article , we will explore how to get possible airdrop from both protocols by farming them simulataneously.

Sanctum wonderland Season 1 is ongoing at the moment.

Proceed to : (contains my invite link) or use this code preferrably — RKS6IM

Click on join now

Let’s focus on completing community quest. It enables to earn more multipliers on your XPs, probably more reward.

Scroll down and navigate each quest. Quest 1 ended already.

Answer to others



Adding LSTs

In this case we will be using Infinitie tokens to farm Switchboard simultaneously.

Navigate to infinitie, Click on buy INF to proceed by swapping your SOL to INF.

You need atleast 0.1 INF, in this case i’m using $100 worth of SOL

Just by holding atleast 0.1 INF in your wallet. You earn 10 EXP per minute for every 1 SOL worth of INF that you hold. Otherwise, we can use other highlighted protocols and earn same.

Switchboard powers INF price feed on Kamino and Marginfi.

Proceed to Marginfi Link :

Search for INF pool then supply your tokens.

You can easily earn Switchboard orbs for possible airdrop.

Address eligible for orb will be updated. It is better to keep earning before then, follow this link to check :

There will be more ways to earn Orbs, will be explored in future articles. Don’t Fade !

However, this marks the end of this article. If you have any question, kindly comment below. Happy to help.

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