Here Are Top Chains Already Deployed On Caldera

Watchman Zēk
4 min readJun 15, 2024


Caldera is a Modular blockchain platform specifically used to deploy Rollup in one click. Caldera already has several integrations with several blockchain infrastructure which makes it easy to offer anything needed to deploy a roll up.

Several chains have been powered by Caldera, this chains includes several top blockchains used today.

Deploying Rollup and Modular blockchain for specific use cases can be very technical and need lots of resources. Caldera has make this very easy.

However, Developers and builders can launch OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, ZK Stack, and Polygon CDK rollups with Caldera. As well as choosing whether to opt for shared, decentralized sequencing at inception.

Here are few chains deployed on Caldera and are paving way in the Web 3 Industry today

1. Manta Pacific

Manta Network is one of the top L2 with the first EVM-native modular execution layer for wide ZK applications adoption powered by Caldera’s OP Stack Rollup solution.

Manta Pacific has generated more than 2. million blocks, over 1 million addresses with 20.7 million transactions. Gas fees is very low ; approxmately $0.008.

We’ve seen recent Ethereum L2 launched in this past year. Manta is the cheaper and most affordable L2. Thanks to Celestia DA and Caldera integration.


KINTO is the only Sybil Resistant blockchain with User-Owned KYC and enforced Account Abstraction fully focused on finance.

It’s built on top of the Ethereum network using the Arbitrum Nitro Stack, and it’s non-custodial, transparent and permissionless.


Hychain is a L2 built specifically for Web3 games adoption. It has help eliminate onboarding and technical challenges for web3 games.

The team launched Hytopia previously known as NFT Worlds which has more than 1 Million players in its pre-register Beta.

Hychain have been moving with great impact and Web3 adoption powered by TOPIA token. They recently announced the launch of Loot Legends Game on Hychain.

4. Plume Network

Plume Network is the first RWA chain for adoption of Real World Asset. With Plume anyone can seamlessly onboard any asset into the network.

Plume leverage Arbitrum technology with the help of Caldera to build home for RWAs.

Over 80+ projects already deployed on Plume private testnet with different assets class such as Synthetix, Real estate, Agro & Commodities, Equities and much more.

Their public testnet will be released soon.


Rarichain is one of the first creator focused chain built by Raribles. It is secure, low-cost and a decentralized Ethereum L3 blockchain powered by Arbitrum.

They recently announced their integration with Celestia as well.

6. Treasure Chain

Treasure Dao is a popular decentralized gaming ecosystem. They are building the Treasure chain powered by Caldera.

Imagine a gaming ecosystem like Treasure dao having its own chain. You can explore more about treasure chain and the testnet

Official Treasure Dao website :

7. Injective (inEVM)

Caldera collaborated with Injective to launch the first-ever EVM with composability across Cosmos & Solana with Celestia underneath. This will also help Ethereum developers easy access to Injective’s global network and user base.

EVM + Injective = inEVM

8. Victory Chain

Victory Chain is the first layer 2 for global world fans. They are backed by Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital and other big investors.

They are building something unique, thanks to Caldera. In just the first two seasons of Fan Controlled Football built on Victory Chain, tens of millions of fans tuned in as live viewers of the interactive competition globally.

Just to count a few… Caldera have built more usecases and powered several chains.

Rollup deployment have never been this easy. Caldera made it simple.

I hope this gives you more insight on Caldera and how impactful Rollup deployments is. Rollup can be deployed on Caldera in just Once Click.



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