Hurry !!! Join Pirate Nation Airdrop (3 Days to go)

Watchman Zēk
4 min readJun 6, 2024


Pirate nation is a fully onchain RPG filled with High seas adventure, treasure and unexpected surprises. The Game is powered by Proof Of Play.

Proof Of Play is an onchain game studio and technological company. They raised $33 Million Dollar for huge investors.

Interestingly, Proof of play is the main company building Pirate nation which is in Beta and free to play. However, the game is fun to play and also built on Proof Of play blockchain with a very conducive onchain experience.

They announced the upcoming token launch with airdrop for community mainly Game players and NFT Holders. Pay Attention as I take you through the adventure

The ongoing season 1 ends by June 10, 2024. This season has be active for a long time. The more task such as Social task you complete the more Booty Points you earn. You also earn booty points while playing the game, you also earn ranks and collectibles.

I would say, Playing the game is quite important to get a good reward

Here’s how to get started:

You need an invited, so ensure using mine….

Follow this link to register : REGISTER HERE

Here’s my Code : P-grimy-plank-8941

Proceed to choosing a pirate and continue, afterwards register with you Discord or Email. I prefer discord

Then afterwards, connect your wallet and wait for some seconds for the registration to complete.

Now, Let’s get those Booty Points — — -

Firstly, If you can’t find the Booty points page easily, Go to the navigation bar and click on Botty points.

Booty points is very important in this case.

Get Booty points by completing the Social task such as Twitter and Discord quests available and accumulate as much points as you can.

Click on Quest and complete the “Follow the Crew “task and the “Like and Retweet” tasks as well.

After completing any available task in that session, navigate to the next icon with a Pirate Skull.

Explore the available tasks, most likely the discord task where you can easily earn Booty points daily.

Quite interesting since you’ve only got three days to participate.

Earning Points by Playing Pirate Nation

The more you win the game the more booty points you will get and you will also get in games collectibles which can also help you level up.

The gauntlet battle you win will give you booty points.

To get started with the game — Navigate to “Demo”

Then you can easily get started by fighting your enemy choosing the best cards to fire your weapon and renew for the next round.

It’s very easy to navigate .

As you can see the number of Gauntlet battles won keeps counts.

You can be lucky to get some scarce In game collectible that can give you more Booty points as well.

Such as Driftwood 404 and few others. I will advise you navigate all possibles icons incase I missed some.

I hope this is helpful enough. Themis season ends in 3 days for you to be eligible for the Airdrop.

Hey, It’s not too late to join mate !!!




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