Introducing Cega Finance — Utilizing Opportunities

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4 min readFeb 13, 2024

Cega is a decentralized derivatives protocol. Specifically, built for Exotic pairs and options structured products for retail investors. Cega is building new evolution of defi derivatives.

Cega is undoubtedly well funded with over $100 Dollars in Valuation with several yield product with included Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stables and Solana.

It’s a sweet way to put your tokens into great use. Just like Jito or Ribbon Finance in its early days. Cega seems to be following the same rail line. Moreso, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cega tokenized soon considering such huge backing and approaching bull sentiments.

If you are comfortable lending your assets to earn additional interest income. You can consider Cega. Do note that there are different products with risk, it is important to have prior knowledge about such invest.

To get started you can easily head to and connect wallet

~ Choose your product / strategy

~ Enter your deposit amount


Most of Cega investment products are capped but at the moment most seems yet to be filled.

Quick Overview

You hold USDC and want to earn safer, real yield in USDC at 15.29%.

You are bullish on the price of BTC, ETH & SOL and believe their prices will not decrease by 90.00% over the next 27 days.

There are more to explore.

Exploring the Vault tokens

Whenever you stake USDC into Cega’s vaults and once vaults begin trading, Cega vault tokens will be sent to your wallet. This vault tokens represent your financial position (PNL) in the smart contract.

This vault tokens are very much important to retrieve your initial capital and PNL whenever you need to pull out your funds.

Each of your deposit into the vault will generate separate Vault tokens. There is a different vault has token ID for different Cega vault trades.

However, after deposit into your preferred vaults you will not receive vault tokens immediately as each deposits goes into a deposit queue and wait there until the queue is process. Once the deposit queue is processed, users will be sent their Cega vault tokens.

Withdrawal and Auto Investment

Withdrawals can be made anytime. Investors can submit withdrawals which will also add to the withdrawal queue.

After the vault expires which takes 27 days the. All withdrawals are process and all funds will be returned to users wallet.

Note that funds that are not withdrawn will be automatically reinvested in a new 27 day vault for the same investment product. So ensure adding to withdrawal queue Before the 27 days expiry of your vault.

Another important details

You can always send your vault tokens to another wallet or someone’s and your vault tokens can be redeemed from there since all vault tokens are different and represent each vault deposits. It is imperative to take note of this and cautious when sending out this tokens.

If the vault tokens got lost or lose to a scammer, you might lose your initial investment.

Cega Vs Pyth

Recently, Cega partnered with Pyth Oracle and also received retrospective Dapo airdrop from pyth network which will enable them to fuel their ecosystem more. However, I have a total strong feeling this protocol will reward Pyth stakers or early Pyth supporters whenever they want to tokenize or launch their native tokens.

This is a very important factor to watch out for as 2024 has proven to be Airdrop year, we might see Cega follow the train very soon.

Join Cega Galxe Quest

Cega usually launch galxe quest for early new product launch and it is very essential to participate as a Cega Supporter for future potential reward.

Here is the link to quest :

There are free and social quest to participate as soon as possible. It will be a good privilege to participate.

This mark the end of this article.

Join official Cega Discord :

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