Introducing Morph L2 Expendition Campaign — Genesis Jungle Season 1

Watchman Zēk
3 min readMay 18, 2024

Morph L2 raised upto $20 Million from huge investors, including Big Players. An under radar upcoming L2.

Morph redefines the Ethereum scaling experience by merging optimistic rollups and zk technology with it’s decentralized sequencer and Layer 2 innovations for enhanced daily blockchain use.

Morph recently released its recent Season 1 campaign which will cut accross various season. However, might feature various DApps and Protocols such as Galxe, Bitget.

The whole Expendition campaign will be in 4 seasons. We will be exploring the Morph Zoo through each season.

The Genesis Jungle season 1 includes of 3 parts such as

  • Maximize your rewards through active DApp participation.
  • Check in daily to support and vote for innovative projects.
  • Expand your journey by joining our partners’ events.

Follow this link to get started, connect your Metamask

Dapps Interactions

  1. Morph Bridge — Bridge asset from Ethereum testnet Morph testnet

Holesky Faucet

Bulbaswap — Swap tokens on testnet

Abra Finance

Morpha NFT

This set of protocols are available at the moment. Interaction with this apps will keep earning testnet points.

Governance Vote

Voting for projects and integrations are important for decentralization, In this case you need to earn Voting right


3. Partnership Quest

Galxe Campaign

Okx Campaign

Complete all tasks, Make more interactions and earn more points.

To check your points, Proceed to your dashboard, click on your wallet address at the upper right corner. Navigate to My Points.

Alternatively, use this link :

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