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Introducing Storage Proofs With Starkware and Herodotus

StarkWare And Herodotus have created a way to prove Ethereum blocks all the way back to genesis.

With a simple API, Herodotus introduced storage proof powered data access solution for Smart Contracts.

With this Recent development, we can prove that certain state at some point existed in the past through Storage Proofs without trusting any third parties. Storage proof enables you to access Blockchain information to be shared across various chains ensuring maximum cryptography.

Furthermore, This sounds like Oracles but it’s different. Oracles depends on third party (relayers, Multisig signers) which usually depends on the security of the underlying chain itself. The impact of Oracles has great significance also such as Chain Link.

Storage proof enables Validation of any Blockhain in any given time. With the recent development L2 in Ethereum today, data is now spread across various chains.

This makes this development essential. With the introduction of Stark Proofs, it is much easier and less expensive.

The innovation behind Stark Proofs and Herodotus API unlocks two L2 Data access in a trustless manner. For example ;

OP Stack--> Starknet
OP Stack --> OP Stack

Few Benefits of Storage Proofs and with the Integration of Herodotus

🤖 Bridging

It verifies locked assets on an origin chain using storage proofs and initiate the minting of equivalent tokens on the target chain.

Lending Protocols

With enables users to secure loan on Layer 2 platforms using collateral on Ethereum.


It also enable users to purchase in-game NFTs across different Layer 2s when used as app-chain operator to confirm user asset ownership.

This are other numerous benefits of Storage proof such as Governance Vote and lots more.

Herodotus recently supported Starknet and Zksync. More support will be developed soon.

This is a great improvement in Blockchain Technology.

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