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Join Avail Incentivized Testnet — Confirmed Airdrop

Establish your presence by registering and confirming your identity on the network. Luckily, You don’t need to be a Validator before you earn some points. This task earns you 50 Points.

There are various task involved in the Goldberg testnet. One of the accessible one is the Identity confirmation at the time of writing.

Validator’s role isn’t available for now. More might be available later on.

Before proceeding,

Join Discord channel and follow instructions to get verified, We will need it soon :

To get started,

Go to :

Navigate to then"Account" Tab to create account.

Click on account as shown below

You will be given an account with Address, Seed phrases and a JSON File will be downloaded.

Ensure you keep it well. it will be your access to the account in the future.

Likewise keep all details.

Proceed by clicking save

After creating account. It is necessary to fund the account with Avail Test Tokens.

Copy your address by clicking on the Icon as shown below 👇

Copy your wallet address

Now, Proceed to discord channel to request faucet.

Navigate to "Goldberg faucet'' use the $deposit command then paste address.

Wait for few seconds for confirmation. Faucet can be requested after few hours

Go to your Goldberg dashboard

Click on the three dot

Fill in your details then submit

Input necessary details
Click on "Sign and Submit"

Congratulations 🎉.

You have confirmed your identity on Goldberg Testnet and you've just gotten a whooping 50 points for that.

To confirm you points on the Leaderboard.

Go to :

Navigate to Leaderboard

Paste your address to comfirm

If you can find your name/account with your points. You are good to go.

Keep In mind that this point is Incentivized and you will most likely be rewarded with real tokens. Validators also earn points also.

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