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3 min readMar 18, 2024

Elixir previosly raised $9.5 Million with $100 Million Valuation from Big Investors but recently raised more from Mysten Labs, Maelstrom, Manifold, Arthur Hayes, Amber Group and others with a total valuation of $800 Million.

Elixir is a DPoS consensus network that give direct access for anyone to supply liquidity to orderbooks.

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For this campaign you earn potions for contributing to elixir. This can be done by Adding Liquidity to elixir orderbook with patnered protocols, deposit ETH to mint elxETH, referring others and active validators will also get some potions.

This campaign also unlock a Mystic Chest by supply at least $100 in USDC to any Elixir-powered product on an exchange, or deposit ETH to mint elxETH at mainnet to receive a 50% boost on the potions earned. All deposits into the network will accrue potions.

Elixir mainnet have been confirmed to be august with their tokens also confirmed. Therefore, airdrop is confirmed sinnce reward was pubicly confirmed.

Here’s how to participate

Proceed to Elixr, follow this link : Click HERE

Connect your Metamask (Preferrably) or Sui Wallet

Connect your Twitter and Discord Afterwards then you can view dashboard

In your dashboard, you can view your points and also compare your performance on the Leaderboard.

To earn potions, you need to deposit Liquidity on orderbooks protocol such as Bluefin and Vetex. Vertex uses Arbitrum chain while Blue fin use mainnet. It depends on your choice. All network earns you Potion .

Proceed to : and add a liquidity of your choice

Don’t forget, you can earn the mystery chest by depositing upto $100 liquidty into the pool. You can also earn by depositing Eth to Elixir to mint elxETH. You can do that on your Apothecary dashbpard by clicking on Mint.

Most importantly, you can also invite others to the campaign and earn more potions.

Official Note About Elixir Potions : Elixir potions are a marker of value contributed to the network by users. They can be tracked within the Elixir Apothecary — potion generating activities include social contributions, depositing to native integrations, minting elxETH, and referring other users to enter the ecosystem.

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