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Join Initia Incentivized Testnet Week 1

Recently, Initia announce the launch of their testnet which will be up for Eight weeks.

Initia is building a network for interwoven rollups. Therefore, this testnet campaign maybe feturing several protocols as we proceed. Hopefully, whenever each task changes — I will surely make an update. Ensure you register to my email list for free to be the firdt person to get notified.

Let’s proceed,

This ongoing task is Called Build-A-Jennie which includes earning XPs and complete the whole 6 tasks to create your Baby Jennie NFT. Each tasks contains part of your Jennie NFT.

Tasks Summary — Collect NFT cards, merge them, and summon the Forbidden One.

Firstly, install the Initia Wallet extension on google store, follow this link , afterwards connect your email preferrably or any of your choice.

Afterwards, proceed to Initia Testnet Dashboard —

Connect your Initia wallet then you can begin each task. Quite straight forward to begin with. Proceed to the faucet as the first task then continiue the rest

As you can see, we only have 6 tasks to complete, Faucet, Assign Username, Swap, Staking, Stake LP and Claim stake rewards

After completing each task, ensure your you mint your NFT Card to earn your XP.

After completing all six task. You should have access to your Jennie.

Click on Earn More XP — Paste this Invite Code to earn additional XP


Also connect your Twitter and discord to earn addition XPs (Join Initia discord and also follow them on Twitter)

Ensure your feeding your Jennie as well, requires XP

Note : Spend Initia XP wisely, Aquire various foods, Feed your Jennie and Evolve her. You can only feed your Jennie once per week. Don’t skimp on her food.

More updates will be shared very soon, Keep tab



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