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Watchman Zēk
2 min readFeb 8, 2024

Mode is backed by optimism itself. Mode is built on Optimism bedrock, A Modular DeFi L2 building the Super chain alongside Optimism.

They have recently announced an airdrop campaign which you can indeed participate and earn some free tokens from Mode Network. Mode gave additional points to anyone active on any Ethereum L2 blockchain. All activities on mode network during the airdrop campaign generates more points for you.

However, using their official bridge seems important to secure your airdrop points.

Here is how to get started


You earn points automatically if you have previously interacted on various L2. Use this Code for entry : nce2gb

Note : Campaign ends in few days

On your dashboard you can easily view your points. Navigate to the bridge.

Bridge from Ethereum to Mode Network. No Minimum amount.

Connect your Ethereum network to use the bridge

Also join the ongoing odyssey if you can. Week 1 Campaign has been completed. You can join the present campaign and interact with Mode network.

Join Here :

Note : 5% of Mode Supply will be allocated to airdrop participants


Referral Points

Total referral points earned by users for onboarding activities.

Eligible points

This points are generated through on-chain wallet activities and do not include referral points so to prevent second-order referral effects.

Ecosystem Points

Ecosystem points incentivizes asset onboarding to Mode, along with user activity across various ecosystem protocols at launch.

Veteran Points

This is the points allocated to users who have activity across Ethereum, Optimism, or Base in the past inorder to invite active blockchain participants to join the Mode network.

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