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Join Nillion Network Incentivized Testnet

Nillion Network is a decentralized public network based on Nil Message Compute — A new cryptographic primitive. Nillion is building the Humanity’s first blind computer which also unlocks digital safekeeping and private DeFi.

However, developers can use Nillion to build secure, high value data focused blind applications and write programs in Nada

They recently announce their Testnet launch. With the first phase active at the moment.

The first stage of this campaign is called Genesis Sprint

This requires interacting with the network by transferring tokens, staking and participating in Governance on Nillion Testnet.

Firstly, you need to get a kepler wallet.

Install and create your wallet

Afterwards, Add nillion testnet network to your wallet.

Proceed to Afterwards, Add nillion testnet network to your wallet.

Proceed to

Search for Nillion then add to kepler.

Now, log in to your kepler, Navigate to the upper left icon. Click “Manage Chain Visibility.” Search ‘Nil’ then add.

Go to your Kepler wallet — Copy your Nillion wallet address

Proceed to

Paste your address and pass Human Verification.

After claiming your faucet. Proceed to your Kepler, you should have your Testnet tokens received

Ineract with the Coordination Layer by Sending testnet tokens to other wallet user(s), stake testnet tokens and test on-chain governance.

Moreso, Other phases might begin sooner or later.

Phase 2: Catalyst Convergence

Phase 3: Hardening

Phase 4: The Multicluster Future

Be There !

There are are other programs that includes the community and developers as well

Nillion bootcamp — Data Wars

Nuclear Builders Program for Developers

For more info : Join Nillion Discord —

Just to be more clear and give you more insight about extra community program.

You will have to join Nillion Bootcamp on Zealy to be fully onboarded into the Nil Army.

Every week you will have the potential to be whitelisted for the upcoming Nillion Blindfolded PFP NFT release.

Basically, you need to join the Data War craft which depends on your contribution to the network there divers ways.

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Thanks for reading. I hope you find this helpful.

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