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3 min readJun 15, 2024


Scaling bitcoin is one of the best solution for better experience on bitcoin ecosystem.

Nubit enables the scaling of Bitcoin’s data capacities, empowering applications like Ordinals, Layer 2s, and price oracles, thus broadening the scope and efficiency of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

They already raised upto $12 Million to build a scalable and the first Bitcoin-native data availability layer. They are backed by Polychain , OKX Ventures and few others.

However, being the first native Data availability layer built specifically for Bitcoin, it is important to pay attention. They’ve recently patnered with Babylon_chain to build a Consensus Layer backed by BTC-Native Staking.

Data Availability Layer is a blockchain component ensuring that the transaction data is easily accessible and verifiable.

They recently announced the launch of their Alpha testnet and Incentivized campaign.

The Nubit Alpha Testnet is ongoing and already live, Here’s how to begin :

The Campaign will be in three phases, The first one will be Community Assemble which is active at the moment.

Phase 2 will be Light node quest and Phase 3 called Testnet Adventure.

Get Started With Phase 1

Proceed to :

Connect your Kepler wallet to the website. Now, proceed to galxe to complete this Campaign. The task contains connecting to Nubit social accounts both Twitter and Telegram.

You earn 1000 poins for each task completed, you will be requested to connect your Galxe account. Complete the Galxe task above.

You can also attend to this task as well (Nubit Genesis Campaign)

The Phase 2 of the campaign will be anytime soon since there’s no actual announcement yet. However, you can start running your Light client now.

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