Lava Network Magma 3 Pre-Mainnet Task — Earn Points

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5 min readFeb 16, 2024

Lava Network recently raised $15 Million to build a modular data access layer for Ethereum & web3 backed by reputable investors including Jump and Hashkey capital.

Their plan for modular approach to oracles, sequencing, and other blockchain data infrastructure in the future is quite fascinating.

Lava is a modular data network for scaling access to any blockchain. The network can flexibly support any RPC and API, and node providers compete to offer the fastest and most reliable service.

We are so close to Lava Mainnet which will likely occur Q1 2024. Magma Phase is the last phase before the mainnet. Therefore, here is a chance to have a part in Lava Journey before official Mainnet.

Lava will surely launch a token at open mainnet because the Lava Network will be live also.

So, Buckle up and let’s get some Magma points.

Before we proceed, Here is an overview

In this phase, you will be using Lava RPC for your Testnet and Mainnet interaction. Quite easy and self understandable. Perhaps reading Lava official blog will shed more light about what Lava Network entails. Only few Blockchain networks are available for this task at the time of writing which include, Axelar, Evmos, Ethereum, Starknet and Near.

To join the magma points campaign. You will need to create an account with your wallet and preferably with additional social accounts.

To get started, Visit this Link

Use this code for entry : SFP69

Then proceed

Connect your wallet and Social accounts

You should have your dashboard available to you.

Here’s how to implement this phase and earn some points.

Depending on the chain you wish to make onchain transaction, copy your Lava RPC URL from the dashboard. Then replace it with your wallet. Whenever you make transaction on chain with your wallet, RPC is being altered. So the more you make use of the RPC across wallets and chains. You will earn points.

You can always copy your RPC from your dashboard. Note, each RPC link is unique and referred to your Lava profile.

You’ve got various option as mentioned earlier. But i will personally prefer using Axelar and Evmos as it is easy to integrate and with a smotter experience. You also spend lower transaction fee compared to Ethereum Mainnet and Starknet.

For Ethereum mainnet use Rainbow wallet. RPC cannot be change using Metamask. By adding your Lava Ethereum Mainnet RPC to your rainbow wallet. You get Lava Point whenever you make transaction on Etherum mainnet.

Here is how to add your Lava RPC to your Axelar or EVMOS Chain using Kepler wallet.

Download Kepler wallet extension on your desktop device. Then import your wallet. You can use your active wallet.

In your Kepler wallet. Navigate to the 3 line icon at your left upper corner

Choose Mange Chain Visibility

Ensure Axelar and Evmos is ticked

Hence, Navigate to settings then click on Advance

Then click on Change Endpoints

Choose Axelar or Evmos depending on your choice — You can add both

Go to your Lava Profile copy your Axelar or Evmos Mainnet RPC

Clear the old RPC and paste the new one. Then save settings.

You are ready to go.

Now, all you have to do is to make transaction across those chains, Acess DAPPS and check balance.

Squid Router has Axelar and Evmos chain integrated on their bridge and they are also tokenless which means you can farm Squid while earning Lava points as well. This is a good information you won’t find elsewhere.

Testnet Interaction for Axelar

If you can lay your hands on Axelar testnet faucet. You should be able to earn points for testnet RPC. You can add axelar Testnet to kepler through this links.

Add to Kepler :

Testnet Faucet :

Squid Router Testnet Bridge : Link

Still confuse on how to add RPC. You can follow the official Blog : Click Here

Join Lava Discord :

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