Layer N — A Modular Blockchain and Upcoming Testnet

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3 min readFeb 12, 2024

Layer N is a L2 designed as a network of Rollup Nodes powered by a shared communication and liquidity layer

Layer N is also known as Ethereum Statenet.

What is Statenet ?

The term Statenet in this case is a form of Layer2 development that enables be Application specific Rollups or Optimised rollups to seamlessly integrate with General Rollups basically powered by a shared communication and Liquidity Layer.

This basically implies that you can have different EVM on a L2 modular stack.

The Layer N network enables the development of new Rollup Nodes, each leveraging Layer N’s performance, shared liquidity and communication layer

In a nutshell, StateNet is an orchestration of multiple Rollup Nodes that share a common communication protocol.

Testing Performance

According to Layer N, The L2 Network saw 20,000 transactions per second in an internal testnet, with a peak of 120,000 TPS. Thereby, Its public testnet is set to go live in February.

To apply for the Public Testnet follow this link :

Connect your Testnet Wallet and Input your Email

Then Confirm your Email

Let’s Explore few Features about Layer N

  1. It’s an Ethereum Layer 2 which implies that Layer N inherits its security and Stability from Ethereum.
  2. A Modular Blockchain- Introducing Network of Rollup Node on a modular Stack and infrastructure
  3. Built for Hyper Performance with optimistic operations and zk-fault proofs
  4. It enables the development of New Network of Rollup Nodes
  5. Built on a shared Communication and Liquidity layer which enables Rollup nodes to seamless interact and use each other liquidity

Let’s Explore few things built by Layer N Network Foundation which seems quite Exceptional

Layer N Virtual Machine for Execution Layer (N-EVM)

A public permissionless optimized version of the EVM. Built for Solidity smart contract developers to benefit from ultra low execution latencies, higher throughput, very low transaction fees, and full composability.

Nord Engine

An exchange-specific Rollup Node designed to make on-chain order books as performant and feature-rich as centralized exchanges.

Layer N is definitely a Modular Blockchain to keep on your radar. Moreso, their Testnet will be of good advantage for future rewards.

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