Linea Park Odyssey — Earn LXP For Linea Airdrop

Watchman Zēk
4 min readFeb 21, 2024

Linea recently complete an upgrade that reduces gas fees across linea chain by 60–80 %. They launched campaign which started few hours ago. This campaign will be done on Layer 3 Platform which includes 6 weeks, 7 themed zones and 40+ Games to choose

This campaign will feature various ecosystem which might include RPGs to MMOs, action-packed challenges, social games, mini-games, and NFTs.

To get started, follow this link : LINEA PARK CAMPAIGN

Connect your Wallet and begin to explore the quest.

However, it is important to verify your POH to be eligible for reward after the quest. This is to ensure real participation. To register your POH you can follow the link below, If you had done it previously, you can skip it.

Ensure you follow the instruction on the site to complete your POH

However, if you have been participating in Linea past campaigns and earn some LXPs or Linea Voyage NFT. You will be eligible for Linea XP multiplier across your various tasks. This can be access at the VIP lounge on the Park map. Just scroll down and claim the Coupon reward.

Click on VIP Zone, you can view your total LXP and the Coupon or multiplier you can redeem. Ensure you redeem your rewards which are in tier depending on your LXP and other criterias.

Here is a sneak peek

Tier 1: You need to either possess a Testnet Voyage NFT (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta editions only) or have more than 1700 LXP in your wallet.

Tier 2: this VIP Tier is for Linea Voyagers that hold at least 1200 LXP in their wallet.

Tier 3:this VIP Tier is for all the Voyagers that hold at least 600 LXP in their wallet.

Starting The First Campaign (Linea Park Entrance)

This quite easy and straight forward. The first task involves simple quizzes. It is consist of 4 different tasks.

On your Linea Park map. Click the Yellow buttons to get started with tasks.

Complete each task one after the other. After successful completion, each tasks turns green

Afterwards, You can proceed to the next tasks

Earn More LXPs With Referrals

You can earn more LXP Rewards by inviting friends and get upto 200 LXPs. It is important for the referrals to complete POH as well while participating in the tasks.

Scroll down and Click on Referral Zone

Here are the amount of LXP, You will earn depending on your referrals count

2 referrals — 15 LXP

5 referrals — 30 LXP

10 referrals — 50 LXP

20 referrals — 75 LXP

50 referrals — 100 LXP

100 referrals — 150 LXP

200+ referrals — 200 LXP

After each tasks is completed, You can also wait for the next task to be available. Moreso, I will be updating the tasks on my page. Ensure you give a follow and subscribe to my email list for free notifications.



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