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Mantle has set an onchain journey quest for its community. However before you continue you have to mint your mantle journey to be recognize as an active participant. The season kicked of on Aug 29, 2023.

Users who mint an MJSBT will be the only MJ explorers to be reward. More so, Mantle has prepared a total of 20 Million MNT token for this journey.

Mantle Journey will consist of multiple seasons, each lasting several months. Each season will have dynamic miles & reward calculation rules. This system will contribute to the accuracy & fairness of incentive management.

According to Mantle — Here is what you need to know

During Season Alpha, a limited set of on and off-chain activities will be tracked and counted for MJ Miles. Initially, the Mantle core contributor team will determine the weights and caps attached to each activity when converting them into miles. They will also establish account disqualification criteria and the calculation process for points and season rewards. Specific rules will be revealed periodically before the end of each season. In future seasons, the community will have the opportunity to provide feedback, and improvements will be made based on the analysis of prior seasons.

However, the first event kicked off with a prize of 500k MNT tokens on Aug 29 and will end by Sept 12 1PM UTC.

The Luck Hash Quest The first 5,000 users to mint an MJSBT, of which minting transaction hash ends with a certain number (randomly drawn at the end of the event from 0–9) Wins 100 MNT EACH!

To Begin your MJ Miles Journey — Know this

Before you kick on, I will advise you focus more on social interaction, MJ profile and making interactions such as Swapping on protocols, Minting and trading. That way you gain more point with lesser fee.

If you won’t be bridging more than $500 on mantle main bridge. Kindly withdraw some MNT tokens from BYBIT to save you some fees. You only get 1MJ point for bridging $500 worth of asset. Alternatively, bridge with other bridge protocols

Here are thee expeditions you need to follow to gain more points.


Visit to access the portal to Mantle Journey

Mint your MJSBT

Verify social media accounts such as X/Twitter, Discord, Steam and GitHub

Customize your Mantle Journey Profile

Start engaging in mile-earning activities!

Follow this guide : Mantle Navigation Guide

2. Mantle Network Mainnet Transactions

You’ll get 10 MJ Miles For every transaction executed on Mantle Network Mainnet after your MJSBT has been minted which includes swapping, minting NFTs and other activities.

Capped at 1,000,000 MJ Miles per user per season.

3. Deposit or Bridge Assets to Mantle Network (Total Value Locked)

You get 1 MJ Mile for $500 Worth of Asset deposited and/or bridged through verified protocols. Asset might include ETH, USDC, USDT, wBTC, xETH and xUSD

However, Deposits also include transfers from other wallets or accounts to the wallet currently tagged to your MJSBT, and you can bridge the highlighted assets to Mantle Network using the Mainnet Bridge.

Capped at 300,000 MJ Miles per user per season.

4. Hold MNT Tokens

For every 500 MNT and/or WMNT you have in the wallet connected to your MJSBT, you will receive 1 MJ Mile. snapshot of your balance will be taken daily

Capped at 150,000 MJ Miles per user per season.

5. Interact With Verified Protocols

+20–50 MJ Miles (per Interaction) For every interaction, You will earn 50 MJ Miles for bridging and 20 MJ Miles for adding liquidity.

Please note that you can interacts with other protocols for mainnet interactions. Using verified protocols offer additional miles.

Capped at 2,000 MJ Miles per interaction type per user per season.

Verified Protocols ( More will be added later — Yet to be announced by Mantle)






6. Social Media Verification

Link your X/Twitter, Discord, Steam and GitHub accounts to your MJSBT. With every social media account’s successful verification, 100 MJ Miles will be added to your account.

Capped at 400 MJ Miles per user.

7. Testnet Contributions

Early testnet participants will get certain MJ Miles depending on testnet activities before July 7, 2023, 23:59PM UTC

Capped at 500 MJ Miles

8. User Profile Customization

10 MJ Miles— Username Attachment

10 MJ Miles — Email Subscription

Capped at 20 MJ Miles per user.

9. Participate in Governance

You get 50 MJ Miles For every vote you cast for a proposal on Mantle’s Snapshot

capped at 2,000 MJ Miles per user per season

You get 100 MJ Miles for delegation

capped at 200 MJ Miles per user per season

Note from Official Mantle

Rewards distribution will happen at the end of each season — be the first to know when on our socials or blog. For more resources on Mantle Journey, check out the Mantle Journey Launch, our FAQ, Navigation Guide and Explorer Event.

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Mantle Navigation Guide

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