Oriole Possible Airdrop — Public Beta Is Live

Watchman Zēk
3 min readApr 5, 2024

Oriole is building an ecosystem of the best forecasters. It’s a social prediction platform that can help give insight from collective intelligence.

They announced the Public Beta few days ago. With this public beta you can accumulate $ORI, attain ranks and become an early adopter.

To get started, proceed to : app.orioleinsights.io

Register your account by inputing your details.

Use “Larryclues” as an invite ID

You will earn some amount of $ORI after registering. Ensure using my link to earn more.

Afterwards, complete tasks to claim some bonus $ORI. Compete your profile and connect social accounts

Important things to do :

  • Voting and predicting to earn more $ORI and rank up
  • Community Boost Program
  • Early Bird Role (Zealy)

After registration You will be in the Newbie rank. You can rank up by voting and predicting market movement and listings.

Navigate to project and check any token in the spotlight and vote.

Getting predictions right ? You can always rank up and earn more $ORI

Community Boost Program

This program is to reward those that invite others to Oriole Open Beta. You will earn up to 1500 $ORI as your invites ranks up.

Share your links or Invite ID to get more boost and earn $ORI

Claim Early Bird Role

Claim early OG role on Oriole discord by following all instructions and task on their zealy

Proceed to zealy.io…

Complete the simple task by joining discord, voting Bitcoin movement and verifying your profile link

You might notice the Early adopter badge on your Oriole profile. This might be useful in the future.

However, you can always check your rank and progress.

That will be all for now. Don’t forget to applaud this article if you find it helpful.



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