Watchman Zēk
Nov 20, 2023


Overworld Airdrop Confirmed — Here’s How To Join

Overworld is a Game and Metaverse Project backed by Binance. They have confirmed their token launch $MNCT with incoming Airdrop by Q1 24

The Genesis mint is on December 15.

Apply and obtain your Overworld Whitelist

Apply Here :

Connect your Wallet and Twitter
Answer the few questions
Then Register

Join the quest and create a profile.

Link :

Login with any option
At your dashboard
Scroll down to daily quest

Complete all Quest 📑
It will be manually approved

Go to your profile

Connect all necessary Socials and Accounts

Set your PFP
Preferably use a NFT from your wallet

Most likely the points and NFTs will be criteria for the drop.

If there will be Playtest for the game then there should be more reward for that.

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