Penumbra Ceremony Phase 2 Is Live

Watchman Zēk
3 min readApr 6, 2024

Previously, we participate in the first trusted set up by penumbra the Penumbra ceremony phase 1.

The phase 2 is live with a testnet upgrade. What is needed ?


You can use Gitpod, VPS or your PC by installing the proper programs. However, this guide will assume you have all propper devices ready. I recommend VPS but Gitpod is a good choice as well.

Using VPS ?

Just start with the CLI installation step.

Using Gitpod ?

Head to github by forking this github :

Proceed to Gitpod, Login using your Github. Choose the forked repository as your new work space and proceed to your Gitpod terminal.

Firstly, Install the Penumba CLI

curl -sSfL -O
unxz pcli-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.xz
tar -xf pcli-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar
sudo mv pcli-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/pcli /usr/local/bin/

Afterwards, ensure your version displayed is 0.71

pcli --version

Generate your wallet or Import a wallet

Generating a new wallet

 pcli init soft-kms generate

You will be provided with seed phrases, ensure keeping them somewhere safe.

Or import a wallet by using below command

pcli init soft-kms import-phrase

Enter your seed phrases

View your Adress

$ pcli view address

After getting your address, copy it and head to discord to request for faucet.

Discord link :

In the “Testnet faucet channel” paste your wallet address, wait for somewhile to recieve the faucet.

Let’s proceed

You can contribute upto 80 penumbra as well but i can recommend starting with 60 penumbra to contribute you can always increase when you get more faucet.

Paste this command

pcli ceremony contribute --phase 2 --bid 60penumbra

Afterwards, You should get details about bid position and Ceremony contribution.

Note : Depending on the amount of Bidders at the time. You might not get in immediately. You can always close your terminal add more tokens to increase your chances early. Your bid information are safe.

The more bid tokens you have the more you can complete your contribution earlier.

pcli will output your contribution hash after submission.

Posting your contribution hash publicly allows others to verify that your contribution was included in the transcript!

After succesful contribution, you should have a result like this

Make a public atestation on twitter like this format :

I have successfully contributed to


Penumbra Phase 2 summoning ceremony contribution confirmed at slot (slot number)

(Contribution reciept)

An expample from previous article (Phase 1) :

Afterwards, fill this form properly

That will be all. I hope you find this helpful.



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