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Prepare For Zora Mainnet Airdrop !!! How to Position your Self !

Here is a complete detail on how use the Zora network.

To be Informed, they raised Upto $60 million And have a very good valuation and reputation.

Nevertheless, they’ve build their in L2 Network And I can proudly say, It is very good for nfts.

Here is how to go about it.

1. First of all. I will implore you follow them on discord, verify and follow community activity.

Firstly, Add Zora Network to your metamask wallet.

- Add Zora network to metamask
Network: Zora
Chain ID : 7777777
Currency : ETH
Explorer :

2. Get Ethereum token Erc 20 from an exchange or if you have in your wallet. You need to bridge from Ethereum to Zora.
I will advise you bridge Upto $10 - 30$ for the first time to get familiar with this new L2 Chain.

3. Go to :
Bridge your Ethereum to zora. Gas fee is around 2$-4$.

4. Gotten your Zora Ethereum. Let’s interact.
This is where it gets interesting. Please follow carefully.

Connect your wallet and verify signature.
Play around with the dashboard page.

Gotten familiar with Zora ?!
Let’s go to the next phase.

6. Go to your profile
Click on create them choose Edition.

Fill in the necessary details as you want. Put a nice picture. I will advise you put an affordable price for people to buy your nfts.
For testing purposes put 0 eth price.

Then click create after filling all necessary details. Ensure you are on Zora Network.

7. Now here is a trick and it works perfectly fine and saves you lots of money. After minting. On your metamask confirmation. Change the gas fee setting, see below image.

Base fee - 1.0000
Priority fee - 0.005

This adjust gas fee. It becomes extremely cheap Upto 0.000005 eth.

Isn’t that interesting ? This means transactions on Zora network can be extremely cheap and fast.

8. After confirming transaction in wallet, your NFT will be minted. You might see something like this below. Nothing to worry about.

9. Now go to your minting page by clicking manage collection. You should see the overview, airdrop, etc

10. Use the admin mint function. This allows you to mint to for another address. Insert the wallet and mint.

That way you mint without Zora fee 😜 for more interaction.

11. Use the airdrop function. Click on airdrop menu. Insert upto 3 addresses or more. Then click on Airdrop mint.

12. You can choose to use the Allowlist of you listed with a price. Insert some address you will love to be eligible for you Allowlist. Interesting right ? Yes.

+ Same goes to other ways to create nft. I will be skipping this to shorten the thread.

13. Finally, you can view your collection.

14. Mint the Puffy Pandas collection (2 max). Mint price is 0 eth, you have nothing to worry about.

Try to mint other nfts you love on the marketplace.

Try to mint this, If it's still available:

15. On the their discord, you can claim a zorb role by minting a $60 worth Zorb nft . Check the discord for more. They might reward community and early users.

16. Also follow their discord for nfts recommend by Zora.

17. Deploy a smart contact if you wish on Zora Mainnet.

Make sure you have daily Interaction with Zora to unlock its full potential.



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