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Qualify For Linea Airdrop !! Best Way To Be Eligible

Linea Chain is powered by consensys. Consensys are also the organization behind metamask.

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Their recent scalable Ethereum Blockchain launched few months ago. Linea has proven to be scalable for developers and builder. It has a Developer friendly design to build, test and launch dapps faster.

Moreover, Like other L2 scaling options. Linea will most likely launch a token although it hasn’t been announced by the team yet.

Here is four crucial reasons why Linea will surely launch a token

1. Incentives for Testnet Users

Previously, Linea announced an Incentives program for Testnet users which attracted lots of Users more than 1 million numbers. For this reason, NFT on Linea Mainnet was airdropped rank by rank. This NFT will most likely be an allocation of token in the nearest future.

2. Token Confirmed on Binance / Coin marketcap

Similar to other tokens before final launch. Linea token has been found on the radar.

Source :

3. Linea Roadmap — Phase 3

Source :

According to the Phase 3 by Linea — 
In this phase, we turn our focus to decentralizing the roles crucial to the functioning of the Linea ecosystem, as well as our governance system itself, thereby further reinforcing our commitment to trust minimization and decentralization.

This ultimately confirms that Linea will launch its own token.

4. Speculations

Linea Chain is also a scalable option such as Arbitrum And Optimism and they’ve all proven to have a token with potential Airdrops.

Here Is How To Qualify

  1. Testnet ( Ended)

Hold a Linea NFT for participating in incentivized testnet.

Check Eligibility:

2. Mainnet Interactions

Here is how you should Interact with Linea Mainnet for possible airdrop.

Atleast try to achieve most of this.

  • Use the Linear Mainnet

This means having Onchain transactions on Linea Mainnet might be swapping, Minting, etc.

  • Hold an NFT on Linea Mainnet

If you Recieved Linea Testnet NFT reward, that’s a plus for you. More so, try to mint atleast an NFT on Linea Mainnet.

  • Make Upto $1000 — $10000 Volume

Have a transaction track Upto $1000 — $10000 to be above most users and get more allocation of tokens.

  • Have more than 20 transactions on Linea mainnet

Achieving this milestone makes you ahead of most users. It shows that you have good activity on the Linea Mainnet. More so, I have a very easy route for this.

Continue reading.

  • Used Official linea bridge

Using the official bridge is more advisable and a common criteria. Moreso, Linea Bridge has confirm to be on of the cheapest official bridge for L1 to L2. As at the time of writing, gas fee is around $2 ETH.

You can easily watch the tutorial video before connecting your wallet

Official Bridge :

  • Basic Transactions on Linea Mainnet

You activities on Mainnet Interactions will determine your allocation. Best thing is to avoid looking like a Sybil or Bot. So make your transaction organic as you would do for a normal daily or weekly Onchain trades.

Here are Decentralized exchanges and Protocols you can use on Linea

  • Woofi Swap and Bridge
  • Bridge and Swap tokens
Image from Binance Academy

This is my first on the list. It has a very good aggregator and liquidity. Swapping tokens on this platform is very cheap and easy. The Linea token bridge utilizes Layerzero protocol thereby position you for two potential Airdrops.

Link :

  • Rubic Protocol


Bridge to Linea And Swap tokens

Rubic is a bridge aggregator and also swapping dex. It has a very proven record of being a good decentralized exchange.

  • Stargate


This is a well know protocol that utilizes Layerzero technology to carry out bridge transaction across various chains. This platform has integrated Linea Chain, thereby making it possible to bridge to and Fro.

Note : You can only bridge from Optimism Eth or Arbitrum Eth to Linea Mainnet on Stargate

  • Syncswap


Syncswap is a commonly used dex Zksync Era. They’ve also integrated Linea mainnet on their protocol.

You can swap tokens in Linea and other chains.

  • lineabank

LineaBank is a lending protocol built on the Linea. This lending platform gives users full control over their funds and offers good Interest rate. They have also proven to launch their tokens.

Read more :

  • Dmail

With this platform, it is easy to perform Upto 100 transactions on Linea chain with minimum fees. You also get points for sending mails through Linea Mainnet which can also be a perfect criteria for Dmail future Airdrop.

Get started today :

You might need to get a domains name nft for your self. It’s free.

Link :

There are more Dex and Protocols on Linea Ecosystem. I will write more story on this ecosystem and how you can use them cheaply

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