Qualify For Zora Airdrop & Mint.Fun Point With ZERO Fee

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3 min readSep 9, 2023


It cost almost $0 to transact on Zora Network. Using the Zora network regularly or daily will make you ahead of a lot of users for a potential airdrop. However, Mint.fun is a protocol that utilizes zora to mint NFT with out creator fees. Although, there are NFT that cost some fees to mint while majority require no fee.

Before making any transaction on Zora Network ensure you adjust the gas setting in your metamask for effective and cheap transactions.

For more reference on Zora airdrop you can use this article


When approving a transaction on zora network while minting. Set the base fee and priority fee to a lower Gwei by clicking advance as shown below


Base fee — 1.0000
Priority fee — 0.005

Change the settings

Transactions now becomes extremely cheaper.

Making transaction on Zora with Mint.Fun

We are going to mint Lots of NFT for free through Mint. Fun. You can also look for free NFT Yourself by checking the price

Search for NFTs : https://mint.fun/feed/trending

Choose your preferred chain (Zora)

Recommended Free NFTs to mint

Note : ( Always Use the “+” button to increase number of mint)

  1. Dithered Zorb — Mint 3 for Free

Approve in Wallet. Ensure cheap gas settings

2. Galaxy Zorb — Mint 2 for free

3. Zora Cost — Mint 1 for free

4. Sonic Zorb — Mint 10 for Free

5. Allure — Mint 3 for free

Nevertheless, There are lots of NFT to mint on this platform. Interact everyday and mint various times.

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