Redstone Campaign Season 1 is live on Sommelier Finance

Watchman Zēk
2 min readApr 12, 2024

Redstone previously announced the Season 1 campaign which will be featuring many areas including Galxe campaigns, Onchain tasks, Ambassador and Community engagement.

Ensure using the same wallet for the Onchain tasks and every other campaign. Earn RSG prior to future reward.

Sommelier and Redstone onchain task will be live for only a week. This is why you should take the most out of this

To participate in the sommelier task

Proceed to :

You need to deposit on Arbitrum Network through the Real Yield Vault . Tokens available for deposit are Weth, wstETH and rETH

You can change your network to Arbitrum on Sommelier. Incase you aren’t able to filter quick. Here is a direct link to the vault :

Swap your ETH to any of the tokens on Uniswap. I personally used Bebop Dex to wrap my ETH to WETH

The number of points awarded is based on the amount of $ETH you deposit, your Expendition boost and how long you keep the funds in the vault. Also, RSG Points will update every hour until the end of this campaign.

Moreso, complete this Galxe task.…

Quiz Answer = C B B

This is the end of this article. Don’t fade Redstone, Wish you goodluck.

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