Redstone Expenditon & Sprint Campaign Recent Tasks

Watchman Zēk
2 min readJun 15, 2024


Since the launch of Redstone Expendition Season 1, there have been several opportunities to earn RSG. Onchain Campaigns, Ambassador, Discord Activities, Games and lots more. It is a very good experience and opportunity to earn RSG.

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However, the Sprint Campaign was launched few days back.

Previously, discussed about the launch of Sprint campaing which will end in few days. However, there are recent update conerning the ongoing sprint task that might earn youn more XP and give you more ramk on leaderboard.

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In the last wek, there was a very short mission that could have earn you more XP, there will be task for each day till the end of the campaign 19th of July 2024 to earn multiple XPs.

It will be an exciting password-cracking competition on Zealy which has started in the past few hours. Ensure attending to them quick before the daily tasks dissapear on the campaign dashbord. Don’t miss out on the chance to test your skills and get juicy rewards.

Here’s what you need to know ; Details of the Password cracking competition will be post on discord channel. I will advise you stick to that and also be attentive on the official X page.

You can go ahead to discord and check for the clue on the ongoing campaign right now.

Discord Channel

Redstone Official X

Don’t forget as a Rockbreaker and Vein Master rank holder, you have more task to level up on the Sprint campaign. I wish you goodluck in the campaign.

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