Redstone Zealy Sprint is Live ! Earn Huge RSG Rewards

Watchman Zēk
2 min readJun 7, 2024


Redstone recently organize the Sprint campaign featuring several rewards for the Top 100 Leaderboard. This rewards contains RSG allocations for thos who meet the requiremnt. The campaign began on 4th of June 2024 and will conclude on 19th.

As usual, the campaign goes on on Zealy, if you have been participating in the Redstonoe Miner Ambassador program you should have a quickk idea on how to begin. Nevertheless, I will explain more.

The Sprint Quest is quite different from the Miner ambassador quests. They can be easily navigated on the Zealy dashboard. Moreso, the leaderboard are different as well.

Firstly, you can familiarize yourself about the Redstone Miner Ambassador program using this articles

Proceed to Zealy to get started :

Afterwards, connect your wallet and register if this is your first time. Join the redstone Zealy space and get started.

Navigate to Sprint in order to get started immediately. This campaign ends in few days. Check for any recent task and try to participate.

The first task was available previously.

This kind of missions can easily get you high XP and more rank on the leaderboard. Here was the official announcement on X. Keep eyes on X and i will also update here as well. Subscribe to my Email to get this early.

The general leaderboard is different from the sprint.

Ofcourse, it’s for a limited time Therefore, you can easily check your rank. There will be special reward of RSG for the top Leaderboard.

Here are the allocated reward for the first 100 on the Leaderboard

1,000,000 RSG for TOP 1–3 places

500,000 RSG for TOP 4–10 places

250,000 RSG for TOP 11–50 places

100,000 RSG for TOP 51–100 places

Wish you goodluck in your sprint campaign. Don’t forget to follow and applaud this article as well. Thanks for reading.



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