Sender Wallet Social Campaign Ends in 20 Days

Watchman Zēk
3 min readApr 13, 2024

Sender wallet is mostly used on Near Blockchain but have other networks integrated as well. They aise dupto $4 Million from Panthera Capital, Shima Capital and other investors.

They recently announced the launch of their Point system which will incentivized participant of the campaign. This campaign is available for only 30 Days from April 3 to May 3 2024.

Getting Started

Click Here to Create Sender Dao Account

Connect your X(Twitter) Account and Connect your Sender Wallet

Download Sender Wallet extension here if you do not have one before then create an account

After connecting both profiles, you can clearly see your dashboard with 0 poins.

Depending on the connected twitter account, you will earn multipliers this factors includes your follower count, account age, and other factors.

Here are simple taksk you can do daily to earn point

Proceed to the twitter task then click on POST. Post a tweet tagging @SenderLabs. The more engagement the more points you will earn.

The points per engagement is quite visible.

Afterwards, you need to sign in daily for 50 Points, for this you will need Mainnet NEAR Tokens for gas fee. You can get from Centralized exchanges. Additionally, you can earn Lava Point while signing in daily on Sender using your Lava API on Mainnet. Read this Article on HOW TO FARM LAVA NETWORK USING SENDER WALLET

Lastly invite others to this campaign and earn points as well. Earn upto 150 points and addition 5% points from your referrals.

Copy your invite link and share it others.

Campaign ends in 20 days, start now and stack more points as possible. There’s more phase of campaign probably coming. Ensure starting with this.

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