Side Protocol Possible Airdrop

Watchman Zēk
2 min readMay 11, 2024

Side Protocol is building a n an extension layer of Bitcoin. They are backed by big players including HashKey_Capital and supported by huge projects as well.

Side Protocol employs a modular approach by introducing a settlement layer optimized to unlock programmability and scalability for the Bitcoin-centric rollup ecosystem.

Moreso, their token is confirmed already. They also have interesting modular frameworks. Their roadmap is divided into 5 stages, presently they are in their second phase which includes the incentivized testnet.

Proceeding to Testnet Campaign

To join the testnet proceed to Insider One, use my Invite Code : 196Y8OEG

Connect your wallet, Discord and link your twitter as well Unisat or Okx wallet can be use for this tasks. Afterwards, navigate to Quest and start all task. “Very Straightforward’’, earn Keys as you complete each tasks.

This keys is to claim as much BOX you can. It is better to level up to unlock higher-tier boxes.

How to Earn more Keys

Insider Role

Ensure getting the insider role as it is very useful or will be more useful in the future.

Proceed to Galxe Campaign to get started : Link to Galxe

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