TEN (Obscuro) Network Layer 2 Network — Absolute Use Cases

Watchman Zēk
4 min readApr 8, 2024

Ten is a decentralized encryption layer 2 network, they have been building continously for a while with their testnet active at the moment.

Moreso, Ten Network was formerly Obscuro Network. They already raised upto $16.5 Million from huge investors and VCs which includes Magnus Capital, DWF Labs, etc.

Just like Optimism, Arbitrum and other L2 build on Ethereum, Ten network is similar but uses secure enclave technology to also allow for encrypted data and state on the platform. Just Imagine a L2 Network with 100% EVM and 100% Solidity with an Encryption to Ethereum, Absolute banger !

The recent integration by Ten Protocol is a very fascinating one. Router Protocol aim to onboard the next billion users to web3 by destroying blockchain segregation. It is a Secure, Scalable, Modular, Composable Framework for Cross-chain Interoperability which means in a real life applcation Ten protocol can securely processes data while Router protocol shares anonymized insights for research, all without compromising patient privacy.

Other previous integration also involves Verida, NFR Island and few others.

However, apart from Ten protcol building a L2 Network, they are also building great community which includes developers as well, this will also drive more millions of users into this initiative. One of the project in your rader should definitely be Ten protocol. Let’s explore few possible innovations and tblockchiain technologu that can leverage on TEN.

Leveraging on the usecases of TEN Protocol will be very essential in building Privacy Protocols, Modular Blockchain and FHE. Let’s explore how Modular Blockchain can leverage on Ten Protcol very quick.

TEN uses a Proof of Block Inclusion (POBI) protocol. This is a great innovation and one of its kind. This solution will definitely outperform other Layer 2 built on Ethereum in many areas. Reduced fees, fast transactions and so on. But here is a shocker ! This is a tip of an iceberg.

With this features initiated by Ten Protocol such as POBI scalabilty & lower Gas impementation and Encryption. More developers can easily be adopted using Ten Protocol(Network) and Modular blockchain. Since Ten is built with 100 % EVM and Solidiy, this can be integrated on other chain which will allow other developers to explore this extensive ability from this L2 by leveraging on Block Inclusion and Encryption technology built by Ten Protocol.

Why Modular Blockchain ? Why Ten Protocol ?

If you have less idea about Modular Blockchain, Here is a quick glance. Modular Blockchain can consists of different stacks to make a complete blockchain.

Let’s take Solana as an example blockchain, Solana is a monolithic chain because it handles its EVM, Settlements, Data Access & Availability as well as Consensus all by its self. This case is different from Modular blockchain, Modular blockchain has different chain/entity managing this various tasks which enables different networks to leverage on different options.

This is exactly what other projects can also leverage from what Ten Protocol is building. Modular Frameworks + Ten Protocol = Unstoppable

How Ten Protocol Can Solve Major Problems Through Modular Blockchain

As discussed earlier, TEN utilizes EVM and a unique L2 Mechanism compare to other L2.

One of the major benefit of Ten is that developers, Dapps and Blochain networks can Migrate EVM-based dApps to TEN easily and also enjoy implementing Privacy with just a line of code, ability to have end-to-end smart contract encryption, Lower transaction costs and faster throughput due to Unique mechanism.

This means we will see other project integrating TEN or POBI Technolgy and DAs like Celestia, Eigen and Avail to build a Chain or Layer 2.

It feels great to see a new future of privacy integrated into Modular Networks and this can be Achieved by TEN.

However, there are other uses case that can be leverage on such as FHE. In the next article this will be extensively exolained as well. Thanks for reading so far. If you need additional and official source about TEN, this links below will help.







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