Thetanut Campaign and Possible Airdrop

Watchman Zēk
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

Thetanuts Finance is a decentralized on-chain options protocol for trading altcoin options. They raised up to $35 Million from Major investors.

Thetanus finace has huge potential of rewarding early community and users. As at the time of writing, they have only few users. Moreso, Thetanut finance has confirmed airdrop for users with their token $NUTS Confirmed.

How To Qualify for Thetanuts Future Rewards

> Trade on Thetanuts Finance

> Provide Liquidity

> Participate in Community Campaigns (Galxe)

To trade on Thetanuts Finance

Go to :

Connect your wallet to start interacting on Thetanuts Finance

You will need few tokens on your wallet to execute trades. This depends on your preferred chain you want to trade with.

Please get adequate trading knowledge before indulging else do other task to avoid unnecessary liquidation of your funds.

You can close and open trades with caution immediately to be familiar with the system.

>>> Add Liquidity Pool

To add Liquidity, I will recommend using Arbitrum chain for that as Thetanuts only use few chains for adding liquidity pools.

I will most likely recommend adding liquidity and trading few times to get the Airdrop easily. No minimum, Proceed with what you can afford.

Proceed to Earn Tab and choose Add Liquidity

You can choose any of the Liquidity pool and add pools.

Approve and Confirm transactions in your wallet

>>> Galxe Campaign

To participate in the Galxe campaign, you are required to complete few social task and quizzes

Answer to Quiz

Campaign 2 : C C C C

Campaign 3 : D C B C & B B A B

>>> Galxe Links

Official Thetanuts Galxe :

Links to each quest for easy navigations

Campaign 1

Campaign 2

Campaign 3

I hope this helps navigate Thetanuts Finance. With such funding and Airdrop potential I couldn’t Fade it. However, do what you can as it involves both free and retroactive tasks.

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