This Zealy Task Will Most likely Earn You Huge Airdrops

Watchman Zēk
2 min readMay 14, 2024

Zealy tasks has been one of the underrated ways to reward community contributions, however, huge projects are now utilizing this opportunity and will catch most people unaware. I expect huge airdrops from any of this projects.

Incase you don’t have a zealy account before, just connect your wallet and register few details and get started, let’s proceed

You might earn certain roles and XPs that will be very useful.


Switchboard is an Oracle protocol providing price feeds on several chains and protocols.

The zealy tasks will give you access to potential roles

Link : Join HERE

Movement Labs

Movement Labs is running a community program campaign, presently, you might not see any task at the moment. Keep watch

Link : Join HERE

Talus Network

Talus Network is a recent project, i recently got OG Role through the zealy, there are more to be explored. Ensure you comple the tasks you can

Link : Join HERE

Redstone Oracle

Redstone Oracle is the biggest zealy opportunity at the moment. You can earn their RSG Points through their zealy. By completing various task, You might earn huge airdrops.

I’ve previously make a post about Redstone

Zealy Link : Join Here

Moreso, Ensure you do this :


Another huge chance is Versatus. Very early and huge potential. Airdrop possibilitly is 90%. Get started with their zealy as soon as possible.

Zealy Link : Join HERE

This projects are huge and you are seeing this early. You are lucky to get this information early. Now, utilize it !!!



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