Urgent : Join Synth Early Adopter ending in Few Hours

Watchman Zēk
2 min readFeb 10, 2024

SYNTHR’s architecture revolutionizes secure and capital-efficient asset transfers between networks, unlocking the unprecedented potential of omnichain technology.

Synthr is well funded and they will be releasing their Testnet very soon with limited access to those who has role and OG access. This is a greater opportunity.

All you have to do to get the Synthr Early adopter is to invite others to discord group. This might qualify you for future airdrop


Ensure you join the discord channel as soon as possible. This will qualify you for Testnet access. You’ve got few hours.

However, want to learn more about Synthr. A more detailed article will be released in a short while.

Little Glimpse about SYNTHR

Synthr is an Omnichain Layer for DeFi, Synthr allows builders to leverage its layer to launch the next gen of omnichain financial applications and services, setting the standards for capital-efficient and secure interoperability.

This mark the end of this post. Act quick. Don’t miss this opportunity



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