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2 min readDec 10, 2023


Will You Qualify For Possible Aptos Airdrop ?

Aptos is one of the popular L1 Blockhain with various use case. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Aptos made a huge airdrop to early testnet users and community. However, not all tokens allocated for communities were airdropped. Therefore, Aptos will definitely rewards the community in the future. The most interesting fact, Aptos is yet to reward any user on their mainnet.

There is high chance, the second reward will come from using Aptos protocols. This might be token launch from high invested protocols on Aptos or Community Airdrop from Aptos Lab.

There are various ecosystem on Aptos. I personally have interest in Tsunami Protocol has their token $NAMI is confirmed.

Basic interaction like trading, providing liquidity, Swapping and Bridging on this protocol can earn you free tokens airdrops.

Moreso, Explore other protocols that can increase you activity on Aptos chain.

Before that, Aptos Lab organized a quest on Galxe which might be a potential multiplier and a good chance to explore this protocols.

Click here to redirect to Galxe Campaign

First task will end on 12th of December 2023. This includes holding a .aptos domain.

The campaign will most likely be in 4 phases

Exploring this Galxe campaign can be a ticket to Aptos Second Airdrop.

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