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Wormhole Airdrop Strategy — Quick Guide

Wormhole raised $225 Million with Billion Dollars Valuation. Compared to Layerzero, there were more than 3 million active wallet using the Layerzero protocols. Wormhole is early and they will surely own a token with potential airdrop to early users.

Wormhole is a Cross chain Bridge protocol similar to Layerzero.

Compared to Layerzero, Wormhole is one of the best protocols for bridging across Monolithic Blockchains like Aptos, Solana And Sui.

Making transaction early on Wormhole Protocols will position you for early users rewards.

The best time to start is now. Making transactions overtime is an absolute strategy.

However, bridging across different chains will be a multiplier.

Possible Airdrop criteria

  • Number of active Months
  • Number of Active Days
  • Number of Protocols and Chain used
  • Total Bridge Volume
  • Total Number of Transaction

Here are recent strategy and protocols to use on Wormhole Ecosystem

Portal Bridge is the official Bridging Protocol on Wormhole Ecosystem.

Go to :

Bridge Across chain

Hint : Bridge Matic on Polygon to Wmatic on Aptos

Connect both Wallets before proceeding

Also bridge across EVM chains such as BNB, Arbitrum and Celo Blockchain.
Repeat this more than once a week or more to increase counts and volume.

More Hint : Swap Avax on Avalanche to WAvax on BNB - Reverse the Process

>>>>> AllBridge

Go to :

Connect your wallet depending on the Chain you are using.

Hint : Bridge USDC on Solana to Matic USDC - Lesser fees

Click on "Message" choose Wormhole

>>>>> Merkly Interaction

Go to :

Bridge across different chains.

Mint an NFT on your preferred chain then bridge across various chains

>>>>> Merkly OFT Interaction

Go to :

Mint $MERK Tokens

Input amount of Tokens

Bridge across Your prefer chain

Bridge NFT on Portal

Strategy (3 Airdrops in One) - Base > Zora > Wormhole

Create an NFT on Zora using Base Chain.

Go to :

Choose Base chain, Choose your NFT

Then bridge to other chain. Ensure you have gas fee on other chain.

>>>>> Mayan Finance

🔗Go to :

Quite straight forward. Preferably, Bridge across EVM chains or Solana

All bridge is powered by Wormhole

Lots of ecosystem will be adopting Wormhole Protocol. Till then you can keep making few transaction on ones. There are few more you might explore which includes Rango Exchange and Debridge Finance.

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