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Zerion Wallet !! Might be a Potential Airdrop — Speculative

Zerion is a Web3 wallet that offers quick swapping, bridging and monitoring of tokens. Moreso, Zerion is a great tool for tracking transactions on your wallet with an efficient UI.

However, Zerion has been launched for months, most loyal users has been expecting an airdrop from Zerion but zerion never announced such.

Zerion has always keen on Decentralization Which includes the tokens, Zerion is believed to do an airdrop for their users if a token will be launched because of their great sense of promoting tokens to ensure total Decentralization.

Here are activities that will make you eligible for Zerion Airdrop in the future

1. Using the bridge and Swap features with Zerion wallet

Zerion has integrated lots of EVM chain such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Ethereum, Zksync, etc.

To use this features you can download the Zerion wallet on Google play or for desktop, use the Zerion Web :

You can now swap and bridge across this chains.

2. Mint Zerion DNA NFT ( Do this early)

Zerion DNA is a first-of-its-kind living NFT that evolves as you explore Web3. Every wallet action will change your DNA. Zerion DNA lets you show off who you are on-chain.

You can mint Zerion DNA by using the mobile app and mint your DNA. You will need some amount of Eth on Ethereum Network for Minting. Gas fee cost approximately $2.

3. Mint Zerion Electronic Board on Philand Quest

In your Zerion wallet, go to perks and follow the simple instructions to mint your Electronic Board.

You must hold a Zerion DNA, you will also need little matic for gas fee. Cost $0.06

4. Join the community discord and guild

Link :

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