Zircuit Airdrop — Join The Zircat Campaign

Watchman Zēk
2 min readFeb 21, 2024

I’ve previously written about Zircuit and how to participate in their Testnet. You can read it here and start participating.

However, there seems to be additional task that might be important to get Zircuit future reward. The Zircat task have been going on for months which you can take advantage now.

It’s a meme and social task to keep the community lively and entertaining.

All you have to do : Tweet Cats and Earn points. Repeat every 24 Hours

Go to : https://zircats.com/

Proceed by clicking Continue

Afterwards, Input your Email and Continue

Your Zircat account will be created

Now, Proceed to find a nice picture and video of a cat ensure using a captivating caption and also tag @zircuitL2 on X (Formerly Twitter).

Copy the link to your post and paste it for confirmation. Points will be updated manually if reviewed.

You can always see your points on the dashboard.

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