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Zksync Airdrop (Additional Criteria) — Multisig Using Safe Wallet

Previous Airdrop such as Optimism have use Multisig sign as a criteria for Airdrop with additional token allocation.

Recently, Zksync posted a Multisig signature on their tweet which called me into attention. Additionally, Zksync have been looking for a way to drive sybils from farming airdrop. However, this Little things needs to be considered.

What are Multisig Wallets

According to

A multi-signature wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that requires multiple signatures — instead of just one — to execute each transaction. The signatures are associated with different cryptographic private keys, while a defined threshold of keys must sign a transaction to validate it.

However, We will be using Safe wallet for this purpose as tweeted by official Zksync.

What is Safe Wallet

Safe (prev. Gnosis Safe) is the most trusted platform to manage digital assets on Ethereum and multiple EVMs. Over $40B secured. It enable Multisig access controlled by many private keys enabling co-ownership and stronger security for individuals.

Moreso, Safe raised $100 million from top investors and I strongly believe they will airdrop their early users whenever they launch their token.

I’ll advise you use safe wallet when making transactions in Zksync to secure both Airdrops

To get started using Safe wallet for your Zksync transaction.

Go to :

Connect your wallet

Click on create new account

Input your preferred name

Ensure your network on your wallet is Zksync

Click Next to proceed

In this case I will be using 2 wallet for Multisig. You can use 1 preferably

Now, you will need to create a wallet or use existing wallet.

Paste the wallet address of the wallets you want to use as Multisig on the “owner box” as shown below

Input your preferred name

Choose your number of confirmation wallet — Choose 1 preferably.

Click Next

You will be prompted to confirm transaction on your wallet — Upto $0.2 gas fee

Wait for few seconds.

Now, you have successfully create your Safe wallet and ready for transaction.

You can proceed on Clicking the green button ✅

This should give you overview on how to navigate your Safe wallet

At the Left side of your dashboard you can see available options for your Basic operations.

Click on history to check your connected Accounts

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